Burke’s Seafood

Fish Market, Quincy MA

All of our fresh seafood is hand-selected daily on the Boston Fish Pier to ensure our customers receive the freshest, highest quality and best tasting seafood available.

We offer a wide variety of fresh fish, shellfish and live lobsters each day. Our fresh seafood and shellfish selections vary daily, based on availability, and we gladly welcome special requests.

Fresh Seafood Typically Available Daily



Farm Raised Norwegian Salmon & Wild Salmon (King or Coho)


North Atlantic Haddock

Available skin on or skinless. Also look for “Scrod” haddock in season.

fresh cod fillets, cod loins

North Atlantic Cod Loins

Always fresh, never frozen.

Live Lobsters

Our lobster tank is always stocked with the freshest lobsters year round.

lobster meat

Lobster Meat

Cooked and handpicked in house, our fresh lobster meat saves you the work for your favorite lobster rolls or other recipes.



Wild Caught Shrimp (16/20), Colossal Wild Shrimp (U8), Cooked Cocktail Shrimp (21/25)

Fresh sea scallops

Sea Scallops

We only sell the finest “dry,” preservative-free Scallops, loaded with flavor and perfect for baking or searing.


You haven’t had quality Swordfish until you’ve tried our Swordfish!
Fresh Oysters


Whether you like Duxburys , Welfleets or Pemaquids, we are proud to offer the best in local oysters.


Maine Crabmeat

Handpicked Jonah Crab from Maine in ½ pound containers.


Local Sole

We offer Grey Sole or Lemon Sole, depending on the time of year.

fresh halibut fillet

Atlantic Halibut

We offer fresh Halibut filet (boneless) from Nova Scotia year round.
steamers / soft shell clams

Steamers / Soft Shell Clams

We believe our Steamers, dug in Maine clam flats, are the best around.

littleneck clams

Littleneck Clams

Littlenecks ideal for eating raw on the half shell, steaming, adding to a pasta dish, making clams casino or chowder.

shrimp cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail

Cooked to perfection in-house, our signature Shrimp Cocktail, is simply the best around!


Alaskan King Crab Legs

The real deal, straight from the waters of Alaska.

Chilean Sea Bass

Frozen 1/2 lb portions (Fresh Chilean Sea Bass available seasonally / upon request)


PEI Mussels

Harvested from the frigid waters of Prince Edward Island (PEI).
sushi grade tuna for sale

Sushi Grade Tuna

Beautiful Yellowfin Tuna (sashimi grade) available daily in our retail freezer.

Available Seasonally / Upon Request

fresh nantucket bay scallops

Nantucket Bay Scallops

Known for their sweet flavor, these smaller scallops are often times referred to as “candy of the sea.” Available seasonally / upon request

fresh soft shell crab

Maryland Soft Shell Crabs

The best soft shell crabs come from the Chesapeake Bay area. Available seasonally / upon request


Local Bluefish

Available seasonally / upon request


Local Striped Bass

Mild in flavor with a firm texture, and great on the grill. Available seasonally / upon request


Rainbow Trout

Sold whole, cleaned and ready to prepare. Available seasonally / upon request

fresh tuna steaks

Tuna Steaks

Available seasonally / upon request


Red Snapper

Available seasonally / upon request



Available seasonally / upon request

Prepared Foods / Oven Ready Entrees

When you want a delicious meal, but don’t feel like cooking, try one of our frozen oven-ready entrees, made right here on the premises using the same fresh seafood & simple ingredients that make our broiled entrees so popular. Available daily in our Retail Freezer.

seafood takeout quincy ma - teriyaki glazed salmon
seafood takeout quincy ma - shrimp scampi
seafood takeout, quincy ma: shrimp scampi
  • Shrimp Scampi over Linguine
  • Haddock Casserole
  • Shrimp Casserole
  • Sea Scallop Casserole
  • “Lazy Man’s” Lobster Casserole
  • Stuffed Seafood Casserole
  • Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp
  • Crab Stuffed Sole
  • Salmon Casserole
  • Lobster Mac & Cheese
  • Haddock Pie (our version of a Shepherd’s Pie)
  • King Crab Quiche (6″ individual size)
  • Homemade Salmon Burgers
  • Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo
  • Bite Sized Mini Crabcakes
  • Crabbies
  • Plain Mac & Cheese

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